Our Sessions

Greenwich Bouncers provides structured trampoline coaching from British Gymnastics trained Coaches.  All are sessions are fully inclusive and are for children and adults of all ages (2 years+) as well as those with special needs and disabilities.  For those with severe, multiple or profound special needs, they may benefit from a 1-1 rebound therapy session (subject to availability).

Greewich Bouncers operate the British Gymnatics Proficiency Award Scheme that has been designed to provide a nationwide personal incentive scheme for all student trampolinists and to encourage natural ability and a sense of achievement. The schemes are all progressive in structure and easy to administer. All of the Awards are based on the concept of completing a number of moves from each level before progressing to the next one.  Every Award consists of different levels of varying ability and has a badge and certificate designated to it. On completion of each level the participant will become eligible to purchase the badge and certificate from us.

The Trampoline Proficiency Award Scheme has fifteen levels, divided into 3 sections: Levels 1-5 developing foundation skills, levels 6-10 intermediate skills and levels 11-15 developing more advanced skills. The Awards are in recognition of the hard work and effort, as well as the commitment and dedication required to achieve these skills.  By working through the Awards programme, and indication is given on the progression and achievement the student is making.  All our Children's courses are based around this award scheme.

For those with additional needs and/or disabilities, we use the Winstrada Rebound Therapy programme in conjuction with the Huddersfield Functional Index, which is a system for accurately measuring and recording outcomes of Rebound Therapy sessions.

Venue (click on link for address and map)

Plumstead Manor School (PMS), Plumstead,

Saturdays @ 10am and 11am

Sessions are 50 minutes long

Our sessions are personalised, focussing on the individual needs of each gymnast.  Courses and

Drop-in/Taster sessions are held at the same time, with adults and children participating in the same room, on the same trampolines.

Greenwich Bouncers

trampoline academy...

Children aged 2-10 year olds

must be accompanied by an adult for the full session

Boys & Girls welcome

Trampolining is a fun way to keep your toddler fit, and burn up all that excess energy.  We have developed our sessions to encourage and teach movement skills, develop balance and postural reactions and build strength and endurance.  They will improve their co-ordination and confidence, as trampolining helps with their

spatial awareness, balance as well as a sense of well-being. 

Young People aged 11-15

Greenwich Bouncers will provide an informal and safe environment where young people can learn and develop new skills as they work through the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award programme as well as improve their abilities for their PE lessons, GCSE PE, Duke of Edinbrugh Awards and Inter-School competitions.  Our progressive programme starts with basic skills such as straddles and pikes, then working up to seat, back and front landings and eventually going through the progressions for front and back somersaults.


Whether you want to get fitter, improve your snowboarding or diving skills, engage in a fun activity or just want to have fun bouncing with your child, Greenwich Bouncers will ensure you meet your goals (if you have any)! 

NOTE: Please wear leotards or loose, comfortable clothing, ensuring that elbows and knees are covered when practicing front landings. 


Elite trampolinists may wear long sleeved purple leotards and trampoline shoes

Drop-in/Taster Sessions

Just turn up and bounce!

Try Before You Buy Membership

We offer weekly drop-in places for children and adults who wish to have fun on the trampoline, or want to learn a particular skill.

Drop-in prices are £8.00 for a 50 minute session (all ages), cash only, and are subject to availability. 

A maximum of 4 consecutive drop-in/Taster sessions are allowed before participant must join the Club.


Details about membership will be given to you upon request

... taking you to new heights!